Dream Job
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LISTEN UP College Students or Newly Graduated High School Students 

We as students spend all of our time, energy, expenses to study for our futures. When we graduate from High School we don’t know what happens next in our chapters. Students like myself came to Glendale Community College to figure out what we want to do for the rest of my life. We ask ourselves ” What job am I looking for? What career job will make me earn more money? What job will make me stay there for 4 plus years?” In 1965 Glendale Community College was built for the public for programs such as earning an associates degree, a certificate program, industry- specific training and university transfer. Once finishing 2 years of Community College what happens next? What if what we are studying for doesn’t get us our dream jobs and we have to work for a minimum  wage job? Glendale Community College students came to make their talent into money. Will any University or Community College help us find jobs rather than us struggling to find one on our own? So many questions but very few answers. 

Should a University or College Provide Work Immediately once a student graduates? 

Colleges or Universities should immediately help us enter a job once we graduate. Students spend time and money studying to achieve a non minimum wage job. Students shouldn’t have to struggle looking for a job once they graduate. 

Having to spend 2 to 4 years at school only to serve food or be a cashier shouldn’t be deserved for those students who worked hard in school. University and college graduates shouldn’t have to tell other students that school isn’t worth it or it’s  a “waste of time”, because they fell into a quicksand. 

Interviewing a coworker of mine by the name of Esperanza Ayala, graduate in Spring of 2021 at ASU. We are in Spring of 2022 and she has yet to find herself her career based job. I had interviewed her and her response had me shattered. The moment Esperanza graduated she received her diploma and once she was job searching it has truly been a struggle for her. She has been rejected and is job searching to maintain her bills. Right now she works at a minimum wage job that pays $9 an hour and tip. 

Finding a career based job should not be this difficult if schools provided us a job or supported students job offerings that they know will be hired on the spot and earn a good amount of pay. 

“Share of recent U.S. college graduates employed in low-wage jobs 2016-2021. In September 2021, about 11.1 percent of recent college graduates were working in low-wage jobs in the United States. This is a slight increase from the previous month, when 10.9 percent of recent college graduates were working low-wage jobs.”

Article from Statista.com updated in 2021

This shouldn’t be acceptable. 

What will the next chapter look like?

Let’s reach out to our recent president of Glendale Community College, Dawn Lindsay,  to help us go beyond our expectations. We deserve a career based job that we have studied for. Let’s speak out. If you don’t make the time and work on creating the life you want, you’re going to spend a lot of time dealing with a life you don’t want.