This is a PSA for a fictional organization that can help college students with financial resources for college tuition and expenses. There are many benefits to earning a college degree, including an increased income. An article published by the University of Maine, however, showed that there is much more value to earning a degree than just monetary gain. The life expectancy of graduates goes up by seven years and they are more likely to report very good or excellent health. The likelihood of being happy is significantly higher. They are also more likely to do volunteer work, make philanthropic contributions, and get involved with their community. Unfortunately, the college dropout rate is very high: 40% – and 30% don’t even make it to their sophomore year. According to, one of the most prominent issues that causes a student to drop out of college is financial conflict. Critical factors include high tuition costs (which have more than doubled since 2000) and difficulties of paying bills while being a student. The concerns are so serious that many high school graduates don’t even consider applying for college. Even financial aid is not enough to cover expenses, and the thought of going into debt can be overwhelming. wants to decrease the dropout rate by helping students overcome financial barriers and provide them with resources that can help them pay for college expenses. Students no longer have to hope they will make it to graduation day, they can realize it.