An Interview done by DJ Spahr with an EOS gym employee Sarah Johnson

Finally feeling free! To wear masks or to not wear a mask? Governor Doug Ducey has recently lifted the strict mask restriction on the state of Arizona. With that many people have abruptly stopped wearing masks but I and many others have not. I’ve seen many people not wearing masks but what shocked me most was where I’ve seen most people not wearing the masks are people at the gym. I agree that wearing a mask while working out does feel uncomfortable. With this mask restriction being lifted it could spark up some tough situations because Ducey gave businesses the right to proceed how they’d like so most places have kept wearing a mask inside a rule. Many people may feel they have the right or cause to not wear a mask, even when cashiers, clerks, and managers ask nicely I’ve seen many times where customers have been offended or argued by employees telling them to put a mask on.

After talking with an EOS Fitness employee, Sarah she was able to tell me that gyms have taken most of the controversy during this pandemic due to the high risks it brings when going to big and busy gyms. Especially because it’s hard to make sure the members are cleaning before and after themselves. The first shut down had a huge impact on gyms especially the employees, so once the restrictions were lifted, Sarah along with many other gym employees and businesses felt excited but yet nervous because if they have to shut down again it could have a huge effect on the gym industries again. Mountainside Fitness, EOS fitness, and lifetime fitness have both stopped requiring people to wear while working out and that brings many questions to mind.

Sarah stated that not every gym is taking the same intentions to move forward mountainside fitness isn’t requiring any facemasks at all; lifetime fitness encourages to wear mask while entering and leaving but not needed when lifting. On the other hand, EOS still politely asks its members to wear a mask when 6ft or more of distancing isn’t possible. After all, these different rules and constant changes it’s hard to know what’s going to happen, Sarah says her boss at EOS still highly encourages everyone to wear a mask especially her and her fellow employees. She also stated that gyms are the main businesses besides small private ones that are letting up on masks.

Compared to grocery stores, malls, and other entertainment venues still require masks and can still be very strict with certain circumstances. Sarah hears something different every day and it’s confusing seeming to never get better, she hopes and believes with fast-food chains opening lobbies to eat inside that all businesses will stay cautious and continue to wear masks because working at the gym she’s noticed too many people getting comfortable without masks. Though states are opening and releasing certain rules it’s almost critical that we all keep our guard up to stay safe to be able to move forward and get past this pandemic we must stay safe! a huge thanks and shout to my good friend Sarah for sitting down and giving me the rundown on how its been to work in the gym during this pandemic.