The Arizona New River Trail is easy to access and a fully paved walkway that takes visitors alongside the New River wash. The pathway can be walked, biked, and is pet-friendly. New Rive trail begins at Glendale at Bethany Home Road and Peoria at Pinnacle Peak Rd. The trail is open 24/7 and is free to access. Additional Access can be found at this link. Click Here!

New River Trail Map: Mile Marker 13

Maps of the trail and mile markers are dotted along the entire pathway as well as benches to sit at and a trash can for waste. The trail has a variety of Arizona plant life and beautiful scenery to match. The New River Trail will also loop visitors through neighborhoods, parks, and rest places. It’s safe to walk and a fun experience for anyone of all ages. It’s recommended that visitors bring water and good walking shoes. 

Neighborhood Path Way Entry

During the monsoon season, the New River Wash can occasionally be found with running water making it a unique and rare occurrence. When this happens Visitor may only look and not enter or cross low sections of the path. These sections will be noticeably marked. However, most of the year the river wash dry and fun to explore. With lots to see! It’s recommended that this is done with a friend for safety and for a more fun experience.

The pathway from inside the River Wash

The New River Trail walkway is a beautiful and fun experience for everyone of all ages and can be accessed by anyone. Whether it’s a family outing, a chance to get some exercise, walk your pet, or an opportunity to get outside with some friends. This trial is meant for you! There are lots of areas to explore and the whole place is free to visit at any time.

Trail View