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I planned my life and school balance perfectly so why isn’t it going according to plan?

Everyone in college knows you need to have a plan in place to be able to balance your schedule. But most do not take into consideration self-care as a part of being prepared for their college journey. Also, you should not limit yourself to one type of platform/media to keep track of your schedule.  Three […]


Starting Feb.1 Glendale Community College’s Food Pantry will provide free food for students

Glendale Community College opened their pantry service Tuesday, Feb 1. and will take place Wednesday between nine and 12 in the Student Union in Room 123A(These hours are guaranteed). The pantry provides items such as food and toiletries to students who may be having trouble accessing these essentials. The items available are a combo of […]


Prepare as NFT: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Adobe announced in October 2021, that they would be jumping on the NFT train. They showed that a new feature that allows you to export your work into an NFT to sell. This seems to be the next step when it comes too all tech giants across the industry: Social Media with Facebook, Gaming with […]


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