Discussion: Unit 9 Packback Questions

Packback Questions

Packback Requirements:

Your participation on Packback will count toward 15% of your overall course grade.

There will be a weekly Friday by 11:59 pm deadline for submissions. In order to receive your points each week, you should submit the following per each deadline period:

  •  1 open-ended Question per week with a minimum Curiosity Score of 50, each worth 5pts of each assignment grade
  • 2 Responses per week with a minimum Curiosity Score of 50, each worth 10pts of each assignment grade
  • Half credit will be provided for questions and responses that do not meet the minimum curiosity score.

How to Participate on Packback:

  • Click the Packback Questions link on the course menu. You can also just go to packback.co and log-in with your maricopa email address.
  • This week’s topic is anything about what you read, watched, or did in class this week. Pay particular attention to the lectures and readings assigned.

UPDATE from Packback:

Students can access Packback from our site packback.co.
They will need to use their Maricopa email address that is associated with Canvas and set a password using a link sent to their email address.