During COVID restrictions, GCC has taken steps to provide students with a quality online education; however, many students find it difficult to stay organized when learning must be self-motivated. Students are enjoying working from the comfort of home but it comes with procrastination, distractions, and the constant, overwhelming desire to make a snack.

The first thing students who learn online should do in order to stay organized is create a schedule. There are many ways to do this; I personally favor a bound planner, but many enjoy bullet journaling, wall calendars, or online trackers such as Google calendar. All of these methods will work. The important thing is that students can record due dates manually and see what their time-space looks like visually. 

Secondly, a successful online learner will plan for how much time an assignment, lecture, or reading will take. Some teachers will provide their own estimates, like in JRN203, but everyone learns differently. It is important to practice making one’s own estimates. With due dates marked in their schedule, a student can then begin to fit in where time to work on assignments will go. Setting aside specific times for work is like going to class; it will reframe the time as “work time” and keep distractions at bay.

Finally, students should make sure to have snacks at the ready. I know that if I don’t have a constant stream of snacks, it can be very difficult to focus on work. If I interrupt work to cook something, it turns into more of a meal. I find that modular, easily accessible foods are the most effective: saltine crackers, chocolate chips, and dried fruits are my personal preferences, but everyone has different tastes. A snack can give you a boost of energy to help motivate your work, or be a reward for a job well done.