This podcast episode revolves around a single question. Should time eras affect the way we compare things? The rise of social media has caused person to person conversations to decrease. The United States, politically, is an extremely divided country in 2022. I believe specifying details in conversation can create smoother and more healthy dialogue. Different time eras clearly affect the way we think about things. Should this be the case?

Time eras need to be specified in conversation to avoid generalizing things. Sports fans constantly argue about who the best athlete of all time is in their respective sport. Throughout the history of all sports, specific players have dominated in their specific eras. Different rules and conditions have changed the way sports are played in each era. In my opinion, this can not go unnoted. Time eras are important to consider when discussing anything.

Time eras separate all of history. The most accurate way to compare history is by comparing specific eras. The U.S. has been a country for two hundred and forty five years. Instead of trying to compare and understand all of America’s history, we should separate are discussions by time eras.

Before I recorded this episode, I reached out to my family and friends. I asked them how often they take time eras into account when comparing things. I talked to eight total people. Four of them said they always take time eras into account when comparing things. The other four said they almost never think about time eras when debating or comparing. This episode is not trying to say no one considers time eras when comparing things. This episode encourages specifying details, specifically time eras. Healthy discussions are extremely beneficial for all parties. I wanted to keep this episode light hearted and fun while simultaneously encouraging people to consider time eras more when comparing things. Thank you all for listening.