This episode of The Weekly Gaucho Podcast features a workforce warrior. My definition of workforce warriors are the men and women who strive to earn a living for the families while navigating the deadly shores of the coronavirus pandemic. Workforce warriors go to work each day, care for their children, attend classes and work on homework—their homework and their children’s. These warriors still cook, clean, love, nurture, teach, and protect their families. They are one of the true driving forces behind American’s middle class and our nation’s recovery. 

The “struggle” is real for working women and men who travel to and from work every day or work from home, are the primary breadwinner, the chief cook and bottle washer, taskmaster, and homework helper. We applaud the frontline workers and the health professional; however, there are others out there working to keep America and, in this case, Arizona running.

My guest is one of the local women who struggle to keep Arizona running during the COVID-19 pandemic. Nashika is a 40-year-old single mother of two young men. She works full-time for McLane, a local supply chain company. She is also a three-quarter-time student at Estrella Community College. She is this week’s workforce warrior. She travels to work each day, while striving to raise and protect her children and keep their education as a top priority.

Show Notes

The key points discussed in this episode:

  1. “How has the pandemic affected you?” (1:33)
  2. “Some [employees] work from home, but the majority of them still travel to their workplace every day, which one of those are you?” (2:11)
  3. “You have two children that do their education online at home… Did you have a computer or a laptop for both sons and yourself?” (2:45)
  4. “Are your classes all online? Are they hybrid?” (3:48)
  5. “Where do you see yourself in five years?” (4:22)

Research – foundation for questions:


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