The Podcast for the Weekly Gaucho Episode 4 is hosted by Diana. Diana is 18 years old and fresh out of high school, she is a first time Glendale Community College student who is studying Digital Media Arts and pursing a career in animation. This is also her first time writing and performing a podcast of ny form. In episode 4 Diana provides her fellow listeners with some methods that she uses to help her distress from all of the events that are occurring in her life. As a working student with a busy job Diana knows how stressful times can becomes for a student. Times are even more stressful now due to the political tensions that is building up more and more in our country, and the news of how the corona virus is growing and shifting the united states on top of all of our matters that need to be attend to in life. Through this podcast she would like to provides some small yet helpful methods that have helped her distress to her listeners. She hopes that by proving these methods she can help find a new method of distress for her listeners throughout this semester and possibly use for semesters to come. The method she lists are finding good shows to watch, relaying on naps when needed, and setting some off time for yourself. She hopes that her podcast leaves a helpful impact onto her listeners and provides a source of entertainment to all who listens. Diana would like to thank you for tuning in and wishes you the best of luck this year!