Hello everyone and welcome back to the Weekly Gaucho Podcast. I am Stephanie Oberg, and I am going to be your host for this sixteenth episode. The topic I will be touching on in this episode is about the video game series Life is Strange. There are four total games in the series as of right now with a few side story games. I will be going in the chronological order of the series giving each a brief summary with some names of notable characters. Life is Strange is the first game in the series where you’ll play as Max who has the power to reverse time. In Life is Strange: Before the Storm, the player will play as Chloe and learn some backstory to the first game in the series. In Life is Strange 2, you will get to play as Sean who is on the run with his little brother Daniel who has telekinetic powers. Lastly Life is Strange: True Colors, will give the player the opportunity to play as Alex who has an empathetic power. Some of these games have side stories such as Captain Spirit that goes with Life is Strange 2. In Captain Spirit, you will play as a young boy named Chris who has an active imagination. Life is Strange: True Colors added a DLC called Wavelengths. In Wavelengths, Steph returns from Life is Strange: Before the Storm as a radio host that is part of a record shop. These games are story based and each play through can end up differently since there are multiple endings you can achieve. Your choices will affect how the game progresses and ends. The settings and characters change throughout the series, but there are many similarities in each. Supernatural powers are a recurring theme in these games.  I highly suggest checking these games out if you enjoy story based games. If you would like to learn more about the Life is Strange series, I recommend checking out the Life is Strange web page.