For a long time, I’ve been a fan of a storytelling podcast called Sleep With Me(which you can check out here), where the narrator recounts a wholesome story in a soft voice, designed to help the listener fall asleep. I don’t generally like listening to podcasts, but I enjoy the storytelling podcast format a lot. It is peaceful and relaxing, which is what I wanted to do with my podcast. To achieve this, I wrote a fictional story about two unlikely friends. The story is intended to be positive and relaxing, like a bedtime story. 

The story follows Moss the swamp beast and a bear who initially don’t get along too well, but come to appreciate one another. Initially, the bear attacks Moss, who runs away. Later, Moss notices the bear’s injury and decides to help out. The story is initially exciting, but meanders a bit as it goes on in order to be more relaxing. This is a short story I wrote specifically for this assignment to be more of a bedtime story, but it is based on a larger universe featuring Moss and their swamp. 

I wanted to work on my creative writing skills as well as understand how a written story would translate to podcasting. I think the podcasting format worked well; adding a narrator who can put emphasis on certain words and adding background noises enhanced the ambiance of the story. I also think the podcast format is more widely accessible, and giving people different options to consume media is more inclusive. The biggest drawback I ran into was being the narrator; I am not a confident speaker and I had to do a lot of takes. I will consider recording future installments of stories in this format as well.

Music is Fractal of Light by Chris Haugen, from Youtube’s free use music library. Sound effects are uncredited, but also from Youtube’s free music library.