Glendale Community College offers a wide variety of careers, workshops, programs, and facilities. With many options out there, students find it difficult to choose which college to enroll. On top of that, many questions run through their minds when it comes to choosing a career pathway. Will I be going in the right direction? Or will I change my mind later? After interviewing two students from GCC, Christine Ryan, and Moises Jimenez, both Digital Media Art students, I came up with some interesting answers that will be provided in the article.

Students choose a career path based on their necessities, as Christine describes, “I tend to get stressed out easily and I would prefer a work-life that stays separate from my personal”. Moises says “Art started as a hobby for me ”. So we confirm that hobbies can lead to looking for a job that is similar to it. However, both enjoy doing something different that will have a positive impact on their public. The main reasons why students choose GCC to start their career are: to join the workforce doing something they feel passionate about, security, consistency, nice coworkers, good pay, good references from previous students, location, and getting the prerequisites like Math and English classes, out of the way. This last one in case they feel unsure about their future.

Not everyone is clear-minded when it comes to enroll in certain degree, they know what they like and have a broad idea of the area to develop their skills,  but it is not until they show up to class that they realize they certainty belong there, or might need something else.  Many times teachers help out with this, they guide students to discovering what works best for them. It is fine if you feel the necessity of changing a caree because, at the end of the day this will be what you do for a leaving, for a good period of your life.

Most students have an excellent experience at GCC  “Students and teachers have been great for the most part, I find that a lot of them are willing to share resources with you if you are willing to ask” says Moises. Other students have expressed their disgust “Some teachers have pushed my buttons and I’ve thought about dropping the class if I didn’t need the credit but other than a select few, the teachers are overall great.” says Christine. This does not help at all since it confuses the student, colleges should be a place for development and growth, the relationship should be very professional and respectful,  but fortunately it is only a few teacher teachers who don’t help in their educational development.

Undoubtedly, one of the things that they enjoyed the most is the student experience, they describe GCC students as kind, and collaborative “…thoroughly enjoy the friendships I’ve made while going to GCC. This rings especially true in the art department. I love how teachers want to see you succeed rather than just teaching because it’s their job” claims Christine. If you are hesitant about your future, do not doubt to look up at GCC website and do research of the many programs they offer for you, you might be surprised to find your dream career at a low tuition cost.