Most students who are first entering college do not know what they would like to study or what path they would like to take as their career.  The good news is that the counseling services can help students with career development by helping them take an assessment. A student’s career is a process of self development and their own decision making. The counselors help with a student’s values being identified, which is important because it can help show how much the student believes in themselves for the way they work and the amount of passion that is needed for motivation. With the help of counselors and advisors students can be put in the correct career path the student needs for their degree. Career development can assist students in reaching their own personal goals for development to improve themselves. As I spoke with a fellow student they said that “the counselors will help you with basically anything.” which gave me comfort in wanting to visit them for myself. Students may not know that the counseling services that Glendale Community College offers can help them with their own personal issues that may occur outside of school. For example, students who are struggling between a full time job and school might not have great time management skills. This could lead to the students spending less time with their families as well as less time for studying. Therefore, causing stress to build up for a student when they have so much on their mind. Students who are concerned about their emotional health can connect to an advisor that can help them pursue their future with a better mind set. In today’s world, students are having a difficult time learning online and on their own. It is the mindset that you would have to put yourself into for the motivation that is necessary to succeed. One of the obstacles that a student can encounter is not giving themselves the correct amount of time needed to study, which could possibly cause a decrease in the students grades. In some cases, multitasking can be a beneficial skill to have because you can get more done at once. Sometimes it can be a difficult thing to do when a student is trying to learn different courses. The best thing that I do is to stop multitasking and spend a good hour and a half on each assignment or studying. This causes me to stop switching back and forth as I can get confused sometimes. Another example is if a student gets involved in their phone and loses track of time. This can subtract the time that is needed to learn and study.