Rio Vista Community Park is located in Peoria off of the Loop 101 and Thunderbird Road. From 6 a.m. until 10:30 p.m., you can enjoy some time outdoors to de-stress by taking a break from your everyday responsibilities. There are bodies of water with ducks and fish swimming around. Enjoy the view or take some time to fish if you have a fishing license.

Several ducks swimming on the water at Rio Vista Community Park

Use the provided path to walk along the water way around the park. The water is similar to what you would think about when you think about a river. Living in a desert, it can be refreshing to see bodies of water in everyday places like a park. 

My sister and nephew walking on the path near the water.

On a walk along the body of water there is also a Veteran memorial. If you are coming from the playground area, there you will see the military flags next to the recreation center. Further down, there is a military timeline memorial for past, present, and future military personnel.

Military flags flying near the recreation center.

On a walk around the park there is plenty to take in. This includes plant and animal life. There are plenty of trees to keep you in some shade while you enjoy the outdoors.

One of the trees at Rio Vista Community Park

Don’t forget to stop by the playground if you have kids; or if you are just a big kid who wants to play on the playground equipment. There are many different playground toys to play on at this park including teeter totters and Merry-Go-Rounds which aren’t found at many parks now. 

My niece playing on some playground equipment.

Enjoy some time outdoors before the weather becomes too unbearable at Rio Vista Park, but if you do not they open their splash pad area next month in April. There is a lot to see and enjoy here. This is just one half of Rio Vista Community Park, but there is more to enjoy for sports related activities on the other side of the parking lot. There is more information located at their website here.