Adobe announced in October 2021, that they would be jumping on the NFT train. They showed that a new feature that allows you to export your work into an NFT to sell. This seems to be the next step when it comes too all tech giants across the industry: Social Media with Facebook, Gaming with Ubisoft, and now Art with Adobe. As with most businesses, its just another profit hunt, its there only reasoning- and we know that its their only reasoning, however, they have come out with a statement, “The goal is to prevent the minting of art by those who didn’t create it”. This is all just typical PR, covering up. They believe it is the future. Now the only good side to this, is the fact that Adobe is only adding more accessibility when it comes to their products. However, having Adobe be in full support of NFTs has caused a huge uproar amongst artists, o0r at least those who don’t support NFTs. Although this was expected of Adobe to hop on, it still seemed to catch creators by surprise and cause them to start pirating the software or finding other software in boycott. This is a huge problem in the industry. More and more companies are hopping on the NFT train just to make a few extra easy bucks on top of their billon dollar corporation, and there are many consequence both in the environment and in their customers. I believe that there is enough of a overall disgust for NFTs right now that I cant comprehend why more and more companies are still joining.