Plastic Pollution: It’s a concern for all of us

Plastic pollution ends up everywhere. We see it on streets, in parks, in parking lots etc. Just because we get rid of it, doesn’t mean it should no longer be a concern to us. Many of us have unknowingly consumed some form of plastic. Plastic in waterways almost never really goes away. The plastic just becomes smaller called microplastics. Smaller animals have consumed microplastics, and then toxins are then released within the animal. Those toxins are passed down in the food chain. There’s not a lot of study on how this affects us in the long run. To help prevent as much plastic pollution, we could use reusable items. Plastic takes many years to break down, so reducing the amount of single use items can help reduce plastic pollution. Plastic pollution is just one type of pollution that is harming our planet. Plastic pollution is harming our environment and animals, but it’s also a concern for us.

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