On Tuesday, February 2nd through Thursday, February 4th Glendale Community College hosted an online virtual club fair for students interested in joining a club at school. There were live Zoom booths available for each club from 11 am-1 pm each day for students that had questions or just wanted to learn more. However, there is a web page available at any time that will give some information to interested students. With current safety precautions, it would not be safe to have an in-person club fair but GCC found a way to make it work. There is an interactive web page you can find on the GCC website, as well as their social media accounts, that takes students through the options of clubs that they can join. They have general topics that people might be interested in and when they click into them it brings them to the specific clubs available in that field. The topics available are, behavioral health and human sciences, culture and society, health sciences, honors and leadership, special interests, STEM, and visual and performing arts. Within each of these topics are the clubs that students can go to in order to find out more information. Some of these include the Mental Health club, The Christian Challenge, Pre-Med Club, Student Honors Organization, Chess Club, Geology Club, and Creative Writing Club. These are just one example from each as there are so many other interesting clubs available to learn more about. Each club has information available such as a description of what they do and what they are looking to accomplish as well as a name and email address for who to contact for more information and some even have videos made to explain more information about their clubs.