In this week’s episode, I decided to cover multi-sport athletes such as Bo Jackson, Deion Sanders, Auston Matthews, and TJ Oshie. These athletes differ in the specific sports and traits, but they all have these super important things in common. They proved to be in a different category than their peers and are viewed as superhumans, and it could be due to practicing multiple sports throughout their life. All these athletes have played every sport under the sun. Bo Jackson even has a commercial by Nike showing that he plays every sport. It is a super good commercial and I suggest taking the time to checking it out in the link provided ( . Most sports have common skills, but each stress them in different ways. When you practice all these skills in these different sports, you could excel really hard at one. Track taught Mr. Sanders to run like that, which in turn made him the quickest and most uncatchable running back of all time. Combining sports to be really good at one is the winning strategy, whether you play sports for fun or for a career. TJ Oshie is not even a big hockey fan, but from playing multiple sports, he found out he could be an Olympian. He is surely living a better life than he would’ve been. Having fun is an important part of sports too. If not the most important part, but he was going to have to have a job anyways. Based upon looking at some of the greatest athletes of all time, I can firmly say I believe practicing multiple sports is the best thing that you can do for your athletic career. Unlike TJ, try to have some fun and enjoy whatever sport you end up in.