JRN 203 is a Writing for online media course. The instructor will teach you how to write by using the modes and resources available on the Internet. Using information and resources available on the Internet in writing, as well as writing for the Internet itself. You will not only practice writing within the style and tone of news reporting, but you will also discuss responsible journalism, how to avoid plagiarism, ethical treatment of sources, current issues, and writing for a specific audience. This course is important to who is learning in the journalism course or even who is in a digital media course, they will need to enroll in. Class starts from 01/19/2021 to 05/14/2021 with five modules and 3 units for each module, you can choose a live online or online class. In the first module, you will learn how to writing for the web. The second module will lead you to media literacy. The third module will help you learn about multimedia journalism. Next, in the fourth module, you will discuss citizen journalism. In the last module, you will reach data presentation. These are all you will learn in this class. 

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