The audience will be people interested in the global pay rate, such as people in the workforce. I can post the infographic on my Twitter to create more awareness about it, so people on the internet will also be my audience. I have talked to male friends about this and they seemed skeptical and refused to give credit to this truth, they claimed that nowadays women and men have the same opportunities but there is so much we need to work on yet. This infographic will display the information to people not looking to know this information, which can be an eye-opener for them.

The goal of Your Infographic. 

The goal of my infographic is to inform people about the different pay rates woman and men get from the same jobs around the world. Also, to start a conversation about why such differences are heavily constructed. Is there discrimination against women in the work environment? The wage gap should not be taboo, many people do not believe that these differences exist, the graphics will transmit the information with examples provided and reliable sources so each person can go look it up by themselves. The website has many graphics and PDF’s that can help expand the audience’s knowledge about the topic

Defining the Topic

The infographic topic is the pay rate in different countries for men and women. I decided to include the percentages of women in the United States and how much they earned based on their ethnicities. It lets people know about the existing differences that women face in the United States, claimed as “The land of opportunity.” The percentages on the map represent the percentage of pay women received based on a man’s pay. Many European countries have the lowest gap rate in the world, after researching about their Iceland and Norway first world countries with high life expectancy, high happiness level, job opportunities, and the highest education standards.

Sources List

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