Going to school with the pandemic has not been the same for students from elementary school up to university. It had been a rushed decision on students online and figuring out how to balance school work. With schools now opening up to return students to in-person classes, many had debated the option. It’s an understandable concern for students who attend college and university. With students attending college, some students are thinking about taking live online and online classes again. Even though it has been confirmed that the virus does not seem to significantly increase community transmission for attending in-person classes. That’s until they are sure about the preparation of the influx amount of people.

However, school during a pandemic will not feel normal for a while. It will take the school’s safety precautions and student support to make it a safe place to return. A student with health issues is more likely to continue with online classes in the meantime. One of these students would be Jennifer, a business student who will take online classes for this upcoming semester for health issues. Of course, her main interest would be to attend in-person classes “It keeps me focused and ready to learn when I’m in a class environment but, due to my asthma I will be taking online classes for my safety.” said Jennifer. Many students like her would be happy to take in-person classes and with schools now opening it’s a great opportunity to take some classes in-person. Also, it’s a good idea to keep some classes online or hybrid to keep a distance from people.

Nevertheless, in-person classes will continue to be an unsettling process as decisions have yet to be made for all students. Right now some students are taking hybrid classes and struggle to keep up with school work. These problems will more likely be present when in-person classes begin. Mostly group projects, Jennifer said that she had yet to experience a group project but has had some trouble with classmates when doing peer editing. “They sometimes don’t turn in their feedback in time for me to make a change or do not give an explanation on why it was edited on a part as they would in person”. I had experience doing a group project needed for an assignment meant for three people it was a difficult process to do when the other student was from another group class that came in a different time than I did. It was not an impossible assignment but not being able to meet up and having a different schedule was a different experience than usual.

Lastly, even with the changes affecting in-person classes, it will be beneficial to students to a least consider taking one class in person. Making college open up to do in-person would not please everyone but would be useful to some students. These changes will last a while keeping places clean and safe for everyone. Now it time for you to make a decision would you be pleased to go back to class?