Everyone in college knows you need to have a plan in place to be able to balance your schedule. But most do not take into consideration self-care as a part of being prepared for their college journey. Also, you should not limit yourself to one type of platform/media to keep track of your schedule. 

Three things were repeating across multiple platforms and the first two shocked me and never even occurred to me that they would be important.  

  1. Have a support system  
  1. Practice self-care  
  1. Print out schedules and repeat them throughout multiple locations  

We know we can get information from our professors and college staff that can aid us with our learning journey. Another asset to consider is having someone(s) in your personal corner, I am finding this to be immensely helpful even if they do not know what I am talking about, to be able to just bounce information off them or talk about my thought process aloud is extremely helpful. It makes a significant difference to have someone just say, “you are doing great, you got this!” If you want more emotional objective support, consider a therapist, they can help with many things including guiding and supporting the path you are on and that alone is a great comfort. 

Personally, I have a hard-enough time with self-care on a regular basis without having school in the mix. I often think about how I am going to be able to do it with extra things added to my plate. I investigated things other busy parents were doing. Why does everything tell you to exercise when you need a boost? Because it is good for you and feels good, eventually. Seriously though a great option is just stepping away from electronics and being outdoors. I love to take my kids and my dog to the park. For a more substantial retreat to nature, we go camping and laying under the stars and looking at the amazing sky sure feels like self-care to me.  

The last, important, key to success is not only having your schedules printed out or added to a calendar but duplicating them to multiple locations. You can use a home desk calendar and synchronize school things for life and work a google calendar. It is a small thing to be sure, but it can make a significant impact for keeping on track. 

Hopefully, we can all get through this semester knowing we did our best and being proud of ourselves!