Do not let poor time management stress you out. There are ways to improve.

A nationwide survey, by the company FileMaker, revealed that 48.4 percent of college students say that they don’t find enough time to do their coursework. Students across the world struggle with managing their time. Busy schedules and out of school commitments can take up a lot of space on our schedules. As a college student myself, I want to see every student have enough time to do what is required.

Maintaining good grades in school is very important. Poor time management will add stress into your life, making school more difficult as a whole. I have learnt this the hard way. During my senior year of high school, I had an extremely busy daily schedule. I felt like there was simply not enough time in a day for me to get everything done. This ultimately led to my grades dropping. Feeling trapped is something no student should have to go through. Good time management will instantly translate into results. Not only will grades improve, life as a whole will as well.

I remember looking at my second semester grades during my senior year of high school. The low marks disappointed me. I knew I could do better if I could find the time. Realizing change was essential, I started examining my daily schedule.

Step #1

To gain more free time, cut out certain activities that do not benefit you. We all procrastinate, intentionally or not. Times where you find yourself drifting off, remind yourself that there is something more beneficial to do. 

I realized I was spending way too much time on my phone. Limiting the amount of time I spent on social media and my phone as a whole, opened up my schedule. 

Step #2

It is essential to put certain responsibilities over others. Spacing work out overtime is easier than trying to finish something at the last minute. Changing work habits can be tough. However, we all have the strength to do it if we focus.

There have been plenty of times where I have chosen television over homework. I am not judging anyone who does. However, prioritizing school over fun can lead to better grades. When I am in control of my education, I feel better as a whole. School and workloads can cause anxiety. Completing educational requirements, before moving on with your day, will help limit stress.

Step #3

Reaching out for help is not a sign of weakness. School guidance counselors and advisors will help you get things back on track. Friends, family, and school faculty can all help with time management. 

The final step I took to better my time management was asking for help. I asked my parents to help me manage out of school commitments. I asked my guidance counselor to help me set up a homework schedule. I asked my friends to make sure they kept me on track if they saw me struggling. All of these things helped me turn my life around. 

During my freshman year in college, I have continued to stick to these steps. With improved time management, school is easier and less stressful. Having more time grants me the opportunity to do the things I want. 

I interviewed my roommate Liam, who is currently attending Glendale Community College. I asked him how important he thinks managing time is. While he did stress the importance of time management, he also talked about how having enough time to do the things you want is very important too. I also asked him if managing time better has made his life easier in general. He replied, “Yes, but I’d say it’s important to remember everything won’t come easy.” This is an extremely important point. Even with good time management, putting in the work and effort is still required.

Every student deserves a fair chance to succeed. We should all focus on striving for good time management. Our lives will thank us.