Hello everyone and welcome to episode thirteenth of the Weekly Gaucho, your podcast and magazine for students at Glendale Community College in Glendale Arizona. In today’s episode, I will discuss life after covid from my perspective. Things are getting better for sure, and as everything returns to normality I see some changes in my life that will remain. I know that the pandemic was something we were not expecting. I still remember the moment GCC extended the spring break due to the spread of Covid, who could have known that this was something very serious? There was so much uncertainty about what would happen later, and the news took a very important role during this time. Now a year later I find myself feeling different, in a positive way. I have learned about many things about myself, that I do enjoy spending time on my own, drawing can be either relaxing or tedious, that I should not worry too much, and that life can change at any moment so make sure you do something you love. We all had to change our habits to adapt to the global situation, and without noticing, some thoughts also changed too. I will talk about my personal experience and some positive things that come out during the past year. 

Introduction of host: 0:22

Today’s topic: 0:32

What I have learned: 1:12

How life changed: 1:57

Mental Health: 3:10

Have we changed as a society?: 3:47

Ending 4:35

Thank you for taking the time to listen to this podcast, it is the first time I ever recorded one and feels great to contribute to the blog in a more personal way!

Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions for improvement down bellow. All opinions are important and appreciated.