Erin Parsons is hosting a “Handmade Memories” project between the 13th of February through the 20th of February. Have photos of friends, loved ones, and loving memories turned into hand-drawn and painted pieces of art! These make for great gifts and have a personal touch. She is currently accepting portrait requests and landscape/ setting requests. Images for reference are encouraged. DM her through her Instagram @_ghosty_doodlez_ or reach out to her business email for details, free sticker packs of clients choice, and free random print will be included for each order.

Pen and Ink works are: 

$10 for postcard (3 1/2In x 5in)

$20 for full size (11in x 14in)

Watercolor works are:

$10 for postcard (3 1/2in x 5in)

$25 for full size (11in x 14in)