GCC has fitness centers, open six days a week, located at the main campus and north campus that are beneficial academically and physically. Students are offered a discounted price when purchasing a membership as well. The membership also offers free group classes, access to all locations, and one on one personal training at an affordable rate. I have met a lot of students at GCC who did not know these fitness centers even existed. These places can help a lot of students but students must know about these places first. To read more visit https://www.gccaz.edu/community/fitness-centers.

Exercising is extremely beneficial. Even a few hours a week is great. However, college can be very busy. There are some days where we can not find the time to exercise. Many students also have full or part time jobs. Luckily, GCC helps make things easier. The location of the GCC fitness centers is ideal. Monday through Friday, the fitness centers are open until seven at all campuses. The best time to go to these fitness centers might be soon before class starts or right after class ends. Everyone’s schedule is different.

If you are new to certain types of fitness and have questions, GCC offers qualified instructors to help. Exercising has great physical benefits. Exercising makes you stronger and also improves cardio. Consistently exercising improves brain health and strengthens the heart. The physical benefits that were just listed could make you a better student. However, consistent exercise has been proven to improve concentration and resilience. These are two essential qualities students need.

GCC also offers fitness classes via zoom. There is also a GCC Fitness YouTube channel that shows different exercising tutorials.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCTHqdERjAqM46uKoHOSxdw

I asked a few of my friends about their experience balancing school with exercise. They all attend GCC. Even though they all had different schedules, they all agreed when they exercised consistently they felt more energized during school. Working out does not guarantee good grades. Instead, exercising will strengthen your physical and mental health. This will make students more prepared when dealing with school requirements.

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