Glendale Community College now offers dozens of online and hybrid courses for current and future students to expand and explore their educational goals. 

GCC offers a myriad of degree programs, and it is never too late to start. Flex Start courses are one of the ways students can keep learning, from those who have recently graduated from high school to those close to retirement. They range from nursing, dance, culture, and everything in between. These classes start later in the year and allow students to complete a class in a shortened amount of time. Said one incoming student, “I looked for online courses because now I am able to set my own schedule and get my degree while at the same time supporting myself.” Most classes are now offered online, and this grants even more flexibility and control to the students. 

This freedom of education helps students reach their full potential and find ways to make learning work for them. This is as easy as simply going to “find a class” on the Maricopa Community Colleges portal and searching classes that you need for your degree, or something you find interesting and want to expand your knowledge.  

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, many services have moved online to promote safety, and this has affected a lot of the ways we think about education and learning. This can especially be said for the rise of online and hybrid courses, which some students may use entirely. Glendale Community College, offering these types of courses, allows greater flexibility when it comes to learning, which has become more important over the past two years. “I was scared to start learning again,” said Kayla, a student who paused their education at the start of the pandemic, “but seeing what is available to me it gives me the confidence to create a new course for myself.”  

Enrollment is easy at the click of a button, and courses are more accessible to people than ever before and open more opportunities for the future.