The Glendale Gauchos basketball team is back and will begin their 2021-2022 season. They will play their first game on November 2, 2021 at GCC against South Mountain Community College. Last year their season was cancelled due to COVID-19 but they are back and better than ever. They have been getting back in the gym and have gotten straight to work to make a run back to the playoffs.

In the 2019-2020 season the Gauchos ended with a record of 21-10 and beat Pima Community College 105-96 to advance to the JUCO National Tournament. Sadly the team’s season came to end after this because COVID-19 hit and the tournament was cancelled.

The 2020-2021 season was also cancelled for the team but now they are eligible to play this year. Working harder this year and recognizing what they need to be more successful to play in the national tournament again.

I spoke to a few of the players returning to the team and asked them a few questions. I first asked one player if he thinks that GCC can make another successful run to the playoffs and why is that? Adam Hamilton stated,

Yes, It’s a totally different team than it was years prior, we got a lot of different guys that can contribute to the team in a lot of different ways than last time. I think we have a better chance of playing as one this year.

After, I then asked what’s the biggest challenge to overcome as a team to become successful again? Guard, Tyreece Uegene said,

Staying focused and being disciplined.

The last thing I asked was what is the teams biggest strength? Gregg Butler explained,

We play a fast paced game, people can’t keep up with us and we have one of the best big men in the league.

They were the best JUCO team in Arizona 2 years ago and are planning to make a repeat of what they did in 2020. They will be playing their first game of the season at South Mountain Community College on November 20th. The team has been preparing for this season and will be planning to be back at the top again.