Glendale Community College offers multiple options for education and information for its students, even outside of the classroom. This includes online seminars and workshops that are free for students, faculty and staff. Each event is led by one or more guest speakers who are educated and informed on the topic of the subject being presented and who are also involved in the field within the Maricopa Community College campuses. The topics presented at these seminars and workshops all vary. You can receive further information on student success, personal success, and even communal and global involvement. Typically within these events you will hear the guest speakers give some background information, who will then prompt the attendees to complete either smaller group discussions or personal prompts that will be expressed back in the larger group. Each individual event posting will give you a time and date for whichever seminar or workshop you wish to attend. You also have the option to sign up for email notifications on future events. As of lately the events have been held online, due to the pandemic. This option usually works better for those who have other responsibilities outside of the classroom. These events are offered so that students, staff and faculty have access to tools and information that will help them succeed on multiple fronts in life. Not only that, but you have the option of receiving a certificate to show you joined and completed these exercises. Many students may find this valuable for their resumes. Most of the workshops and seminars are offered through Maricopa Community Colleges. All information on these meetings and events can be found in two places. The first being on the Maricopa Community Colleges page, under the Events tab. The second option would be to navigate to the Glendale Community College website, look under the tab for Student Life and you will see the Events link underneath the Campus Life list.