Since the pandemic risen in Arizona last year, our community college closed and every service was delayed. So, we have had online classes since spring break last year. In April 2020, I drove to school to meet financial aid staff but they closed. After that, I received a notification that they will work online or in person if I have an appointment. Then, I made an appointment to see staff with a meeting online. In May, I wonder how to return the calculator I rented from school while the school was closing. I connected to the GCC’s homepage and asked. They replied as fast and showed me how to return the calculator with a direction map.

Maybe other students have the same case as me so I met my friend from math class to ask her some questions about her thought about delayed services in the pandemic. 

What happened first when the pandemic started? 

Every organization closed and every service was delayed. DMV and school. Our Glendale College used yellow ribbons to barred the entrance to the school parking lot. That made me think the school was blocked. Only staff can entrance by the parking lot behind the school but I didn’t know that. It took some days to contact the student center by phone. 

Do GCC’s student service change?  

At first, I thought all of the services were frozen when nobody responded to my call. I mean they didn’t work; nobody was in the office. I patiently called every day. Finally, a guy responded to me. He let me know they have changed the way it works. 

How did they change? 

They just worked by meeting through a google meeting with an appointment. It was great. I made an appointment with his help. Quick and clear. After that, I don’t know how long, they let students get in the enrollment center building of course with an appointment. 

How do you think about the change? 

Fast and flexible. I realized that even though the services were limited, they still tried to do the best they could. We have thousands of students in our community college and the operations cannot be frozen. 

Does it change in positive or negative? 

Of course, it changes positively. Make appointment helps they control the number of people who entered the office and who were they. It is also a way to control disease spread from the outside. It’s smart. Some other organizations chose that way too. 

Do you meet any trouble with this change? 

Except nobody responds to me at first, they worked very well later. 

So you easily adapt to change, aren’t you? 

-Yah. It wasn’t hard to make an appointment with them. It really a great idea to make an appointment and have a meet online. It is better than getting in line or sit-in inside and wait for the turn. It saves time and safety. 

Do you think that GCC should keep this change after the pandemic? 

-I strongly support this idea and hope they will continue to operate like this even when the pandemic ends. 

Thank you for your time and your sharing is very helpful. 

After the interviewing, I can see not only me my friend has the same case as me. Delayed service is a case everyone met in the pandemic. However, they have changed for the better to bring convenience and satisfaction to everyone. This is a good change.