Logos are an essential part of a business. It is what sets a company apart from the others, and gives a company its image. It can also be a defining presence for the company that creates a feeling that a customer remembers. the use of colors, shapes, images, and typography all work together to create this company look.

However, in today’s current design trends, companies have shifted their branding into simpler, and flat-imaged designs. According to IxDF, a graphic design foundation, a ‘flat image design’ is a simple, two-dimensional design, that often uses bright and contrasty colors to define the design. (IxDF). It is called a flat image because it often lacks the use of drop shadows, and other elements that would make it appear 3D.

Though some people have mixed feelings about this simplification, it is actually a decision that makes sense.
Minimalism has been a rising trend in the design industry for quite some time, and with companies shifting to a larger online presence, it is important to ensure that their message can be easily spread along with all platforms. Having a simple and universal way to convey this makes it easier for all users to digest, whether that is on a mobile site, desktop site, or even the menu in a fast-food business.

However, some people are not a fan of this new trend amongst companies. In 2019, Firefox changed its brand logo once again, which sparked outrage online amongst its web browser users. This turned out to be a misunderstanding, but the reactions were still very strong in the case of company changes.

Regardless of how this will be accepted by users, companies have solid reasons for redesigning their logos to be simplified, and it remains to be seen how this will press affect businesses going forward.