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Glendale Community College is Currently running a student workshop where Students can gain crucial information from interviews from people in a professional field. This event is scheduled for Thursday, February 11, 2021, and will be from 12pm to 12:45 pm. It will be held online through cranium café which is an online site where you can plan virtual meetings. During the workshop, students will get the chance to meet with professionals who are in their major and learn about their field. They will be able to ask questions on what one may have working towards a career. This is a great chance to learn! if you have questions or concerns in the field, though this student may be able to gain useful information from meeting that will help them with their future endeavors. Want o to learn more about digital media? business? Learning from someone already working in a field can help one give students a leg up on the competition of entry level careers, compared to people who pass on this event. the meeting will be around 30 minutes long and can be down through call or video. If any students are interested in participating in this workshop you will need to do a few things. You will need to log in to cranium cafe and register by going to the link below and signing in through your canvas account, once that is done, you will be able to schedule for the event. Remember Make sure to sign up by Feb 11th or you will miss the chance for this experience. 

remember if your interested in the workshop, Click here to sign up