Roosevelt Row has been big on reviving the art community in downtown Phoenix. Through multiple companies and competitions we have seen a huge boost in beautiful murals in downtown Phoenix. While driving through the city today I was able to meet a new up and coming artist working on her mural. I asked her about her piece and what its intention is. She informed me that the piece was in celebration of her Indigenous roots and she was one of the eight artists chosen. The more you walk through the area the more you are able to see cultural embracement. Another local display titled “Infusion” was created by local artist Malcolm McCrea, AKA the “Airbrush Assassin”. He created these murals as a way for us to glimpse the inside of the life of an African American man. In the most recent competition we had the “Uncontained” exhibit. This competition was used to highlight artists of the Indigenous and Latinx communities. There was a total of four murals painted on a 8 by 20 foot container. Each piece was available per season. The artists and their pieces were as follows; Jan. 15th-March 30th for Jessie Yazzie, April 15th-June31st for Danny Upshaw, July 15th-Sep. 30th for Zachary Justin and Oct. 15th-Dec. 30th for Cora Jean Quiroz. When it comes to art and cross cultural celebration, downtown Phoenix has become a center for all peoples. With the revival of art and the embracing of cultures we have a wonderful space to share in experiences.