At Glendale Community College, students have many advantages to online learning from being able to check out laptops from the school to working on assignments at their own pace. Many schools only have Chromebooks to check out, but at GCC there are more laptops available for checkout.

Amy Chavez said “I was nervous about doing my classes online because my personal computer is slow, but when one of my professors let me know that students could check out laptops from GCC I was relieved.”

By going to the GCC website, go to the bottom of the home page where it says Technology Help. On the Technology help page there will be a section called More Tech Help. In that section, you will click on the GCC Equipment/ Technology Checkout Request form. After selecting the link the page will ask you what you want to do where you can select complete new form. The student will fill out that form. Then, you will receive an email when it’s been approved. Even though the computer details won’t allow you to change the type of laptop, they will lend you a laptop that is suited to your classes. After requesting a laptop, students can pick them up on that Thursday between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. in the High Tech One building at the Service Desk. Don’t forget to bring an ID with you when checking out a device. When receiving the laptop, the service desk will check to see what type of laptop will benefit the student the most by checking their class schedule. If you have classes that require programs such as Photoshop, they will give you one that will work for that class.

Chavez also likes “not having to spend as much money on gas to commute to classes.”

With gas prices rising, this will benefit many students, especially the students who live farther away from the college. Many students, like Chavez, also appreciated being able to work at their own pace and in the comfort and safety of their own homes. Overall, there are many benefits to online learning at GCC.