• 2:06 am
  • Tuesday
  • July 27, 2021

Author: Dj Spahr

DJ’s always loved art and played sports, and wondered how he could do the same together. So, he decided to get an AA in arts here at GCC, move on to a university and graduate with a bachelor's degree. After that he plans to get personal training and coaching certificates. He will use his graphic design degree and skills to make my website, blueprint of the interior and exterior of his future workout facility, logos, and my athletic teams jerseys. He wishes to be a coach hopefully at a college or high school for football and be able to teach boys and girls the fundamentals of sports at a young age, then college, and maybe the pros. He will create websites. logos, hopefully drawings and paintings or any other graphic design gigs he can get on the side to keep his artistic side involved in his work. He hopes to get better at photography because he finds beauty in capturing pictures that help people memorize happy moments like, nature, events, and images of art.