• 1:48 am
  • Tuesday
  • July 27, 2021

Author: Casandra Velderrain

Casandra is an international student since 2017 at GCC, where she is doing an Associate's degree In Digital Media Arts. Casandra was born and raised in Mexico, where she stayed all her life until she moved to study in Phoenix, Arizona, the city she now calls home. Digital media arts Is Casandra's second degree, as well as English, is Casandra's second language. Casandra believes that people need to pursue their passions, even if that means going through changes that are scary, and that there is nothing a person cannot achieve with time, dedication, and patience. In time Casandra has become more fluent in English, and now she hopes to polish her writing skills and learn how to write for online media since this medium has a lot of presence in our society. Casandra considers that for those who work with digital media, writing well is a necessity to dominate, in order to do good work.