With so many new up and coming artists in Arizona, I wanted to highlight one specifically. Her name is Edwina S. Lacy, but she simply goes by Eddie. Eddie creates and displays her pieces under the handle of ES Lacy. She has been creating colorful and unique paintings since 2013, when she took her first color theory class. After falling in love with acrylics after she attended her first paint and sip in 2016 she then began working commissions. 

 She was born here in AZ and later raised in Texas through the remainder of her childhood. Overcoming many obstacles and healing through her childhood trauma, she has used painting as her therapy and her message of beauty to the world. She has used “music, art, photography and writing as” her “escape as a child”. A talent and love which has now flourished. Eddie’s pieces can be described as vivid, full of life and absolutely wonderful. She finds a way to embrace culture and beauty in all of her works.

She fully believes in and uses art as a therapy for not only herself, but for others as well. She has led many painting sessions in multiple events. This includes sessions for outreach programs for our Indigenous community, local cannabis events and other special events. We hope to see Eddie’s work in a local gallery soon.