HELLO, im currently have an Art commission sale!

want art drawn of a pet, person or a character from a show? well I’m your guy. to contact me, DM me on twitter. You can Email me at WisdomeelArt@gmail.com but it may take me longer to get back at you! There are limits to what I can or cant draw, but we an discuses that during our messages.

this sale will last until Feb 20th, so hurry up at get one before they go back to normal place. on top of that if i hit a limit on commissions I may have to close them early as i will be full booked on them.

while i can draw just about anything that does not break my rules, you should keep in mind my strengths and weaknesses when commissioning me.

Strength: my biggest strengths include, pets, fictional characters both human and nonhuman and original characters. if you are coming to me for one of these, I am sure i will be able to offer a great drawing

Weaknesses: Real people, landscapes, robot/vehicles. These are things i still need more practice. while depending on what it is i may have to decline due to not being able to offer a fulfilling product.

reminder if you are interested, contact me on twitter at @wasdomeelart or at wisdomeelart@gmail.com