YouTube been not paying you enough? A new long form video site as a replacement for YouTube. YouTube is a company that only protects themselves and not their users. With this new platform, content creators can use all features that YouTube has, plus more monetization options. This new platform is about creators first, then watchers, then the company. We will make sure that content creators will get all of the money they deserve, plus direct donations from fans, similar to Patreon. All employees will be hands-on and help with whatever they need and will receive feedback and make changes
tailored towards them. As for DMCA or Copyright claims, we will manually look into all claims and provide creators with the best solutions and outcomes, instead of washing our hands of those
situations. You might of heard of us through twitter where we primarily promote our product. Content creators like myself do not like the current form YouTube has taken. It has become incredibly stale with content due to strict rules by advertisers and unfair copyright claims with videos with fair use, and blocking of videos that don’t break rules. We will provide bonuses and sponsorships for those who move platforms with an easy way to transfer videos from YouTube.