As a student trying to make it through community college and trying to figure out a way of paying for college to be able to even consider going, one option that has been in my mind has been working online. Since COVID online has been the most viable option for many persons and even for many companies that still needed to function while the pandemic was at the top, but how easy is it to find an online job?

I had the chance to talk with one person that I admire and have a lot of respect, I know part of his story and everything he has been trying to do to find a job. His name is Guillermo Muñoz, he is an online worker and has been like that for the past 3 years. He was able to do some space to have a brief interview that helped me have a better perspective of what it really means to be working online, what the pros and cons are, and many other questions that we went through.

We had to reschedule the interview, but after a few setbacks, we are here having a videocall to answer some of the questions that I had for him. I have to say is a bit awkward for both of us since we both speak Spanish, and we are doing this videocall in English in order to have all his words as he tells them.

Q: So, the first question, what took you to look for a job online?

A: I studied at Universidad Anahuac in Mexico City the career of Massive Event Planning and Publicity for Mass Events. I don’t know if that is the exact translation, but I think is like that, and of course I graduate and just when I was about to look for a job the pandemic started. So, my options were limited because my career was mainly focused on massive events, but with the pandemic every event was cancelled, and companies of course were not hiring. So, I had to go into online websites because it was my only option.

Q: And how hard was finding a job related to what you studied?

A: Very hard, but my career was not the biggest problem, the problem was that they were asking for experience, which I had, but not the “qualifications they were looking for”.

Q: Could you tell me more about that?

A: Yeah. So, while I was at the university, I was really close to my career director, he was a good friend and he helped be involved in the organizations of events for example that were done inside the school. Or if he was doing something outside the school, he will call me to see if I was able to work or if I wanted, and of course I always said yes, because I got paid and I got to meet a lot of persons that helped me further with jobs, like connections and contacts.

Q: So on what are you working?

A: Right now, I am like the “director” or the organizer for different things inside my company, I know is not the best explanation, but I can’t really explain. The title would be “Creative Producer” which is basically like I help produce and have all the process for different projects inside the company.

Q: And was that your first online job?

A: No, I started as a writer for online media, which is curious because I never thought that I would work on something like that honestly. But after looking for so long, they were the first to call me and tell me yes so, I took it.

Q: So was it hard to find a job?

A: It was harder than finding a job in person hahaha, they were having more requirements and were so picky on who they choose and who they thanked.

Q: And what has been the best and the worst of it?

A: The best is that I can be wherever I want and still be able to work. I would like to mention that the company I work in is from Russia. Now I know maybe right now is not the proudest thing, but we are not involved in any new against or in favor on what is happening. But what I am trying to say is that, online you can basically work for a company that is on the other side of the world. But at the same time is bad, because sometimes I have meetings at 3 in the morning or I have issues and my supervisors, or my boss is unavailable. It also requires a lot of time just being sited and in front of the computer, so that sometimes is nice, but sometimes it gets really painful. So, it has good things and bad things.

I had many more questions, but he had to go for a meeting that he had. But the chat that we had was really enjoyable, and he has been working very hard to get where he is. He also mention that he recently went 6 months to Canada with his girlfriend to see new places to live. I think that is also a huge advantage, because the situation of Mexico right now.

I think that this was a good perspective, helpful for me at least, and I also enjoy talking with him so that was a good extra of this activity. And what I took from all of this was that, experience or no experience, diploma or no diploma, there are always setbacks for jobs online, but there are way too many opportunities out there. It just takes time, patience, and look outside your “comfort zone”.