Should all young people learn how to invest in the stock market? Is a question that many parents and even young adults could debate about all day. Nothing bad will come out of teaching young people to save and invest their money but taught the right way so money is not lost. I do believe that investing is a healthy habit to teach kids and this story that happened early this year is one that can prove why it’s a huge benefit to teach children to invest and teach them about the stock market.

Ms. Carr the mother of a 10-year-old boy Jayden had become committed to teaching her son about financial literacy after his father had passed from combat-related complications. She was provided with a death compensation that would allow her to teach her son about being responsible with money. I do think there are ways to teach children about saving without the need for death compensation.

Jayden had been taught how to speak with bank tellers, how to save his money, how to use a debit card, when to recognize when something is an impulsive purchase, then recently the stock market.

This is an example of why it’s important to teach young people why it’s important to invest not just into themselves but into small businesses and if able to the stock market. The stock market is where investors connect to buy and sell investments- mostly stocks are shares of ownership in a public company that many people participate in to build long term wealth.

Investing can happen whenever and so can buy shared stocks, it’s a long-term goal so putting forward a good amount but not too much so your struggling but so when you want to teach your kids lessons or gamble on a business you believe in you can eventually make a good amount to sell like Jayden’s mom miss car did.

She bought a stock for $6 for her son who loves games recently she noticed that their stock was rising and one day it was at $351 she had asked her son if he wanted to stay or sell, he decided to sell his shares, earning $3,200 a return of more than 5,000 percent on an investment about $60.

The article from New York Times is a perfect and lucky example that proves how intelligent it is to invest in small businesses and if understood right how it can change the futures of their loved ones forever.