Hello my name is Erika Balcorta. On this week’s Gaucho Podcast I will be talking about Self Care. Self care is very important for our everyday lives. We must take care of ourselves before we care for others around us. This past year has been filled with many events, Covid-19 has had a large impact on the students and our faculty. 

In this podcast I talked about what is self care, why is self care important, and how to be able to practice self care. Self care is the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s own health. This can be by use of products or practices to comfort or soothe oneself. Our physical and mental health depend on self care. If we do not take care of our physical and mental health it will cause us to have anxiety and the worst, depression. While practicing self care our confidence will begin to boost and our mood will become better, more positive. In this Weekly Gaucho Podcast I say a list of things to do that will help improve self care.

The reason I chose to talk about self care in this podcast is because many of us college students and faculty members lack self care. We are so involved with getting things done for school work and everyone one else in our personal lives that we forget or are too busy to create some time for ourselves. I wanted to share the importance of self care because many people suffer from depression and anxiety. Perhaps people who suffer from depression and anxiety do not realise the cause of their depression and anxiety is the lack of self care. 

 Even if you do not lack self care you might know someone who might be struggling with it and you can share this information with a family member or a friend.

I hope that by sharing this podcast it will bring awareness about the importance of self care.