Photo 1: Beach Sunset, Carlsbad, March 12, 2022

Photo 2: City Scape, Downtown Phoenix, March 19, 2022

Photo 3: Carlsbad Sign, Carlsbad, March 18, 2022

Photo 4: Mel’s Diner, Universal Studios, March 16, 2022

Photo 5: The 3 Rats, Me, My sister, and Remy, E.P.C.O.T., October 2021

These are some pictures I took while on vacation. There is nothing really interesting where I live so this was the best I can do. Photos 1.3. and 4 were from my trip to Carlsbad this past week. we spent most of our days at the beach and just bonding as a family. The sunsets every night were stunning. The sign was something that we pasted by everyday, so its a memento in that way. Lastly we stopped by Universal to get a change of scenery and ride some rides. I have been recently into Diner designs lately, so this was a cool photo. We also just had some good food. Photo 2 is a view from a hotel in downtown. I have this photo to show what it would look like if you were to vacation here as we do have some interesting sites, just like this view of the mountain and buildings. Finally, my first trip to Florida and Walt Disneyworld late last year. My sister really loves rats and we also call her rat so this was just a funny photo to take. Even though this isn’t technically journalism, they tell a story and they all have history. It shows adventures that normal people go on. It shows that there is happiness in the world, unlike what social media ad television shows us, even post-2020.