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Not Sure What a Job in Your Major Is Really Like? Try an Internship

Hi Amanda! Thank you for the pertinent and informative article. I didn’t know about these resources and I like how you explained the benefits of finding an internship, as well as how to go about it. I found your tips helpful as well. The way you describe the difference between work experience and coursework experience is definitely relevant as it sometimes seems impossible to find a job without much concrete experience. Furthermore, you mention that internships can lead to jobs, or allow someone to test out a work environment, both things that are huge on a job hunt. Including tips in this article was also a great way of connecting things back to the reader. After the beginning, the reader will know about the workshop, but after the whole article they will feel a bit more prepared since you have offered them some actionable tasks. You did a great job of making the search for an internship seem less daunting; I know that a lot of people don’t really know where to start and your article contains all the first steps. I missed the February 15th workshop but I’m hoping to follow up with some of these ideas and workshops myself, thank you for the push!


Starting Feb.1 Glendale Community College’s Food Pantry will provide free food for students

This is a really exceptionally well written article. I can see an obvious application of skill that implements the fundamentals of journalism. I especially appreciated how the quotes from your sources are their own separate element in the story. Having the different colored box to differentiate the quotes from the rest of the article, really help drive home their importance. It’s an intuitive way to make for a dynamic article style. This is something I have personally never seen before, and I may take influence from, respectfully of course. The pantry concept is something that’s really great to see expanding. I originally started my community college career at Mesa community college, who had a version of Glendales pantry when I first enrolled in 2018. It was the first of its kind I saw at the time, but in addition to the one now at Glendale, I’ve seen some as public as fridge outside a city community center. In the small town of Heber-Overgaard, there is one outside a business that has canned food and non perishables for anyone to take. It’s a concept that is truly altruistic, and restores some faith in humanity. Thanks for sharing this resourceful, and very inclusive information!


GCC Honors Students Co-Curricular Activities

Hi Jose, I was drawn to your post because I am interested in learning more about the Honors program. It made me smile when I read that GCC constantly announces workshops and volunteer opportunities. GCC does seem to communicate a lot. I always see e-mails with announcements and resources for students, which I appreciate, even if I don’t use all of them. Your information gave me a well-rounded description of what would be needed to be successful in the Honors program. It is an opportunity I have been offered but I never really considered. I didn’t even realize you needed volunteer hours, but I think that it is such a great requirement. Community involvement is a wonderful way to interact with places and people we have not yet encountered. I would enjoy attending art expositions or symphonies more often and this sounds like a great opportunity to do just that. Thank you for including details about the length of workshops and the photographic proof of attendance that is required. These specifics aren’t always included in general descriptions of a program, so I appreciate you taking the time to include them in your blog. I am curious if you are in the Honors program and if you recommend it for students who already have a full-time class schedule? Thank you for your post and I hope to see more from your blog soon! -Amanda Kauffroath