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Starting Feb.1 Glendale Community College’s Food Pantry will provide free food for students

Glendale Community College opened their pantry service Tuesday, Feb 1. and will take place Wednesday between nine and 12 in the Student Union in Room 123A(These hours are guaranteed). The pantry provides items such as food and toiletries to students who may be having trouble accessing these essentials. The items available are a combo of […]


Tips for Students to Excel in Online Courses

During COVID restrictions, GCC has taken steps to provide students with a quality online education; however, many students find it difficult to stay organized when learning must be self-motivated. Students are enjoying working from the comfort of home but it comes with procrastination, distractions, and the constant, overwhelming desire to make a snack. The first […]


Relieving Stress for Students With Time Management!

GCC Helps Students Manage Their Time by Providing Effective Time Management Resources. Glendale Community College offers ways for students to alleviate their stress with several effective time management goals through their website. There is a PDF that gives students ways to identify priorities and goals, analyze time spent, using time to match priorities, planning and […]


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