In today’s Gaucho podcast I talk about the fibers used in clothing and why natural fibers are a better choice. We are all always wearing something and it’s inserting to know how to understand the clothing we wear and how it affects us. When I found about synthetic fibers I was shocked to understand that most of the base of the fibers was plastic. This means that we are throwing even more plastic into our ecosystem than I originally had thought. In this podcast, I talked about the understanding of fast fashion we had embraced in today’s society. Fast fashion is the mass production of clothing the market keeps on selling. For the consumer to buy even more of the good than necessary. In the past, clothing wasn’t just for looks but for durability. Meaning that a person would only have a small selection of clothing that would last them for many years rather than getting a whole new wardrobe of clothing in a couple of months. The more natural a fiber is the more expensive it is to produce this has detour people from getting such clothing so the next best item to buy would be blended garments. Blended garments are better for the environment than a standard synthetic garment. it’s a small change but a good chance. The more closer to natural fibers clothes are the more likely they’re going to decompose properly. It’s always a good start to check the tags on certain items to see if the clothing is more synthetic than it is natural.