3 ways to effectivly share your news on social media


In this short podcast we will go into around 3 in depth ways to get your posts (anything from news articles to advertisements) out there and gain traction on social media. Anyone can post a story online but knowing how to post effectively is key to succeeding in the online world.

Using tags properly is key to getting your stories,news,etc seen by people, and knowing which tags to use can help the presentation of your story as well and sometimes no tags are better than some on some social media sites like twitter.

To Effectively post, you need to know the best times to put up your posts. You don’t want to post it at the dead of night or when no one is active(relatively) Make sure you choose a time when traction is at its highest, the varies from site to site, here is a link to see some sights and when their peak usage is.

Link to effective time posting:


Tied to this is interacting with people. Of course, normally you would want to interact with viewers in a news story to much, but in social media interacts often help it get traction, especially on twitter. If someone asks about a news event in the replies you could answer it if ity proteins to the topic of your post.

 Finally, Structure word in post is the last big point, finding the good middle ground of the amount of words in your post is important, make sure it is not too short where it doesn’t give enough information and not too long where you over explain things. When writing make sure to include keywords in your post that pertain to what you’re announcing.