Season 3, Episode 6: What It’s Like To Be A Small Business Owner During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Welcome to episode 6 of season 3 of the Weekly Gaucho Podcast. This episode will be hosted by JRN 203 student Vanessa McMillan. Joining Vanessa for this episode, virtually from Cochise, Arizona, is Reyna Gonsalves. Reyna is the owner of small business, Reyna’s Chaparral. In this episode, we will talk a little bit about Reyna’s Chaparral and what it has been like for Reyna as a small business owner during the Covid-19 pandemic. We learn a little about desert chaparral, it’s other names, and how it is incorporated into every item sold by Reyna’s Chaparral, including candles, chap sticks, and salves. Reyna tells us what she does as the owner of her business and what her responsibilities are. We hear about what it was like for Reyna to lose her storefront at the beginning of the pandemic when stores were forced to close and what she did to bounce back from that. Reyna talks about how her online presence has started to take off and how shifting her attention to the online aspect of owning a business has changed the way she does things. We learn about what changes she’s had to make for her business because of Covid-19. Reyna also shares with us what she hopes for her business for the rest of 2021 and what we can look forward to from Reyna’s Chaparral. For more information on Reyna’s Chaparral, you can check out their Facebook, Instagram, or their Etsy page at