When students are deciding how to pursue higher education, they may not initially think community colleges. Community colleges should not be overlooked. Community colleges help students develop necessary academic skills and often lead to a more fulfilling, better-paying career. One of the biggest community college benefits is its cost compared to universities. To save money some students attend community college for a couple of years to get pre-requisites completed and then transfer to a university. Some community colleges also offer four-year bachelor’s programs, students could ultimately save even more money by attending one of these community colleges. Community colleges offer more flexibility when picking class times. Community colleges usually offer more evening classes and may even have options for weekend classes. One of the biggest benefits of the flexibility at community colleges versus universities is that students can pace themselves and take lighter class loads to accommodate their schedules or jobs. Community colleges gives many students the opportunity to explore different subjects before committing to a particular path. There are plenty of community college benefits and attending one can be an advantage for students whether they decide to move on to a university or not. In this podcast episode, a former student tells us what it has been like at Glendale Community College.